Soldiers and animals

Russians are invariably brutal to animals both pets and farm animals. In one occupied village in the Chernigiv region they killed all farm animals without any reason, just for the sheer joy of taking someone's life. Contrary to these, Ukrainian soldiers are always surrounded by animals. The war produces many abandoned animals.   Almost every front-line camp looks in part a pet shelter and has at least a couple of adopted pets, saved from starvation and cured of wounds, dogs, cats, otters, hamsters, and even birds. Many of those animals are later adopted by soldiers and their families. I recently read the story of saving Black Kite, whome soldiers almost ripped from the jaws of stray dogs.  Owl, beaver, the family of hares, and many many more. 

Saving private Owl


Other good examples are Tisha and Tosha, young wild boars saved by the Ukrainian military men from the 92nd Brigade of Armed Forces of Ukraine found two boar cubs in reed debris during their raid. These two became true Tik Tok stars and meme generators in Ukraine in recent months. The mother of a couple probably died and troops took cubs to their camp. Here Tisha and Tosha grew in care and love yet troops further decided to remove boars from the front lines to save them. Now both boars live happily in restored Feldman Biopark in Kharkiv and enjoy their lives saved by soldiers.