Support Ukraine in fighting for freedom and democracy

We, the authors and creators of this site, are Ukrainians. On the 24th of February 2022, we woke up to the sounds of sirens and explosions after Russia started its unprovoked attack on our country.

Russia started its attack under the false pretext of “denazifying” Ukraine, a free democratic country. The New Hitler of the 21st century stated his goals openly in his address before the attack with clear nazi vibes - to destroy the Ukrainian people and Ukraine. After a year of fighting and thousands of innocent victims tortured and killed by anti-humans they don’t even deny that their end game is genocide and extermination of Ukrainians

Ukrainian people stood up to defend our country. Our army is fighting tenaciously, beating the aggressor to the punch despite all odds and numbers. More and more people both males and females are taking weapons to protect our freedom and independence. But we are fighting not only for ourselves. We are fighting for the values important to people of the world: freedom, dignity, equal opportunities, the right to self-expression, and being who you are. We are fighting for you too and we hope for your support.

Even the smallest step will be appreciated by the Ukrainian people. What you can do: